Why You Should Give Flowers?

Because in the presence of Flowers, people feels relax & happy! It is by far the best Anti Depressant in the world !
Everyday Events that people offer flowers : Birthdays, Anniversaries, Shop Opening, Funerals, Proposals & Weddings.

Popular Events Throughout the Year and what the flowers signifies:

Date Event Signifies
1st Jan 01.01 / New Year You Are my Priority, One & Only! / New Beginnings
25th Jan Chinese New Year Brings Good Luck
2nd Feb 02.02 You Are My Soulmate.
14th Feb Valentine's Day You Are My Valentine.
3rd Mar 03.03 I LOVE YOU.
8th Mar Women Day 38 Women Day/ Gender Equality
1st April April Fools Pranking Day
4th April 04.04 You make me Whole/ My Love for you will never change through 4 seasons.
5th May 05.05 Perfection/ You made me Fall in Love with You All Over Again.
10th May Mother's Day Appreciate Mummy!
20th May 520 I Love You
21st May 521 I DO ! I am Willing !
1st June Children's Day
6th June 06.06 You are so Beautiful.
21st June Father's Day
7th July 07.07 I am so Lucky to be with You.
8th Aug 08.08 I am so Blessed to be with You.
9th Aug Sg National Day
25th Aug Chinese Valentines Day 7 xi
9th Sep 09.09 I want to be with you forever.
10th Sep Teacher's Day Thank you for teaching!
1st Oct Mid Autumn Festival! Mooncake!
10th Oct 10.10 You are Perfect for me.
31st Oct Halloween
11th Nov Single's Day / 11.11 You are my Treasure.
26th Nov Thanksgiving Day Give Thanks!
12th Dec 12.12 Nothing will change my love for you.
25th Dec Christmas Day Your Happines is my present :)

 Monthly Valentine Day celebrated in Korea & China:

14th Jan  Diary Day Let Someone know your Goals & Resolutions
14th Feb Valentine's Day Female give their love ones flowers and chocolates
14th Mar White Day Men to pay back gifts to their female gifters
14th Apr Black Day For Singles people
14th May Yellow Day Yellow Roses
14th Jun Kiss Day Kiss your loves one today
14th July Silver Day Exchange Couple Rings as a promise to signify commitment to each other
14th Aug Green Day Go to the Park Together
14th Sep Photo Day its a day to take lots of photos together
14th Oct Wine Day Romantic drinking session
14th Nov Movie Day its a day to watch movie together
14th Dec Hug Day Cuddles~

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