Why You Should Give Flowers?

Answers to When to give flowers!

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Requirements & Responsibilities of a Florist

Requirements for a Florist

First and foremost, one must have a keen interest in flowers. If you do have that keenness, then nothing you encounter in your role as a florist, will make you feel that it is a job or a drudge.

  • You must have creativity for arranging flowers. Anyone may arrange flowers into a bouquet, but it is how your bouquet differs from other florists that matters.
  • Customers require quality and also exclusive designs. Everyone likes to feel special.
  • You need to have a great color coordination. If an arrangement is creative but lacking in color combinations, the arrangement is affected.
  • Original design, along with beautiful colors, create saleable arrangements.
  • A florist should have a warm personality and be easily approachable.
  • Reading a customer’s mind is a florist’s skill. Knowing what to offer a customer for their particular event is a perception skill essential for a professional florist.

Finally, a florist needs to understand the urgency of an order if a customer requests this. If an order is placed at the last moment, then understanding the urgency and deadline will endear your professionalism to customers, who will return to you again and again.

To become a florist, one must understand what the responsibilities entail.

Responsibilities as a Florist

It is hard work to be a florist. There is always something to do or take care of. The main responsibilities of a florist include:

  • When a shipment arrives, the unpacking of new stock.
  • Conditioning and maintaining the condition of plants and flowers.
  • Watering the plants.
  • Fixing the price of stock.
  • Attending to walk-in customers, and those contacting via phone or e-mail.
  • Taking down orders and details accurately.
  • Maintaining a clean and attractive shop.
  • Managing the cash flow and daily accounts.
  • Creating floral arrangements for display and to sell at the shop.
  • Advising your customers about plant and flower after-care.
  • Arranging Flowers, Making bouquets
  • Arranging Deliveries
Being a florist is not a cake walk. You have to be constantly on your feet to be good at your job.

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